First of all, I would like to thank you for cisiting our company's Homepage.

Since the establishment in 1996, SEJIN Co.,Ltd. has improved a continual progress
with R&D and venture spirit.
From auto parts to industrial facilities, SEJIN have made every single efforts to
satisfy customers with the best technology and quality in the corporate's spirit for
new technology, new materials and new idea.

SEJIN Co.,Ltd. will secure the best competitiveness through highly efficient
technology development in auto parts, shipbuilding, plant, environmental facilities
area, thorough quality control, consistent improvement of management with all
employee's participation.

SEJIN Co.,Ltd. will step forward briskly in the world market as the best company
in the 21st century accompanied by international competitiveness through
environment friendly and quality management.

SEJIN is trying to be born again as more developed appearance.

Thus, in the information society, SEJIN will make Web site as the place for
customer service and performing many kinds of businesses to be with you.