Q&E Policies Quality & Environment Management

Management Policy
1) HELP 2015 attainment goal
2) Turn into profit-making
3) Challenge of Q-5star
4) Business computerization
5) Harmony of labor and management
6) OHSAS 18001 early settlement
7) ISO 14001 continued improvement

Quality Policy
The purpose of Sejin Co., Ltd. is that grows into a leading company in the 21st
century and directed the highest quality by quality management policy.

1.The company is realize to maximum customer satisfaction with the best products and
the best service.
2.All staff of the company should be exactly understood the quality policy by in-house
training and information bulletin, and built to the organic cooperation system to quality
3.All employees do their best the role given to achieve quality objectives. and they
should be develop to a continuous system improvement.
4.As executive agent, the president have the authority and responsibility for the
organization about an implementation of the quality system and maintenance.
5.The company shall establish the quality objectives according to the quality policy,
and all employees should strive to achieve it.
6.The company's quality policy should review the appropriacy according to the flow of
the automotive industry and the change of business environment and it should be
revised, if necessary.
7.Company's quality system was established to meet all the requirements of IS0/TS
16949: 2009 / KS A 9001 / ISO9001:2008 standard, and all employees of the company
should be aware of the contents of quality management system and shall be responsible
for compliance for prescribed procedures .

HSE Policy
As a supplier to produce safety glass, car exterior parts, we are establish a safety
and health management systems in order to enhance the competitiveness of the
automotive market and protect environment and workplace safety in the
company's business activities, so environmental protection
and workplace safety and health, a comfortable business environment can be
achieved. We decided to implement the following plan to the environment, safety
and health management activities in order to live a comfortable environment to
all our stakeholders.

1.We enhance a customer satisfaction by the design and improvement, and maximize a
work efficiency by improvement of the cost and complexity of the business, and provide
services that are not defective.
2.we have realize the overall environment health and safety management in order to
meet the requirements of every customer requirement.
3.We do best to continuous improvement and pollution prevention by the establishment
of environmental safety and health goals and have to implement it.
4.We're minimize a use of environmental pollution materials and maximize reuse.
5.We must comply with the national and local environment, health and safety laws and
internal regulations associated with our environment of health and safety aspects.
6.The document relating the environmental safety and health must be documented and
7.All personnel associated with our companies enable to easy communicate
environmental, safety and health information and our stakeholders enable to access our
environment and health safety Information.
All employees should be implement faithfully to the environment and health and safety
policy, and involve actively to become the company that produces trusted products by
unceasing improvement.