Q&E Improvement Plan Quality & Environment Management

Q&E Improvement Plan

Dividion   Step 01 - 2012   Step 02 - 2013   Step 03 - 2014
  1.Settle down quality 6 sigma
  - Select theme and execute improvement
  2.Apply Q.I.S
  - control W/Claim and defective ratio
  1.Training quality 6 sigma progress person
  - Training GB/BB
  2.Complete Q.I.S
  - Apply SJA
  1.Execute quality innovation work shop and
    improve it
  - Improve innovation subject and check
  1.Develop quality cost management system
  - Manufacture and admin part
  2.Develop product information control system
  1.Apply product information control system
  - Use product information and cost reduction,
  2.Execute V/E action
  1.Control V/E target
  - Increase product value and cost reduction
  1.Customer line stop and Top-10 to zero
  - Establish customer regular visit plan
  2.Control target of claim payment ratio
  1.Challenge quality 5 star
  - Verify effectiveness of quality patrol system
  2.Challenge national quality award
  1.Settle down quality 5 star
  2.Challenge single PPM
New Model
  1.Improve quality each PROTO, PILOT step
    and control quality history
  - Verify design and product each step
  - Execute supplier process audit by periods
    and control history
  1.Progress supplier quality innovation action
    each step
  - Execute supplier process audit
  - Act quality level-up
  - Put up SQ certification class
  1.Assure quality for Eco-car products
  - Verify development product reliability
  - Verify effectiveness product tools
  - Enlarge business profitability