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Industry Property Right

Register No. Patent name Date Remark
PATENT   0355179   Desulferrization and denitride mothod of exhaust
   gas depend on ozone and there of apparatus
02.09.19   Method for exhaust gas depend
   on ozone
  0678765   Fixed glass window formed integrally with glass,
   bolt and metal decoration member by injection,
   mold for manufacturing it, and manufacturing
   method thereof
07.01.29   Quarter glass formed integrally
   with decoration metal molding
  0591395   Combustion engine piston 06.06.12   Combustion engine piston
  0604245   Fixed glass window for vehicle having plated
   plastic part and method of manufacturing thereof
04.05.24   Quarter glass formed integrally
   with plated plastic part
  0591395   Metal decoration molding formed integrally with
   metal decoration member by gas assist injection
   molding and manufacturing method thereof
06.03.02   Gas injection moldingfor
   surround molding
UTILITY   0267101   Hollowness molding footboard for car 02.02.25   Automotive side step
  0364869   Automobile waist line molding that body part and
   ornament part are formed integrally
04.10.05   Automotive waist line molding
  0412699   Integrally assembled roof rack module of vehicle 06.03.23   Automotive roof rack
  0421221   Automotive bumper guard mounted in a turn
   signal lamp
06.07.04   Automotive bumper guard
Design   0429848   Automotive front bumper guard 06.10.31   Automotive bumper guard